Batteries - We carry or can get batteries for any application. If you have that special cordless power tool that you don't want to part with and the battery is dead, we can rebuild the pack for less than the cost of a new one. We can in some cases recondition the battery back to near new capacity. We stock batteries for such things as computer backup, cordless phones, alarm systems, emergency lighting, and many other applications. Look around you and you will see many things that require batteries. We can help you with all of those battery needs.


Lead-Acid Batteries - Lead-Acid batteries are used in many applications. Such as emergency lighting, computer back up, scooters, alarm systems, and multiple others. The two common types are Wet lead-acid and sealed lead-acid. Even each of those common types still have variations of those. It is very important to get the right size and type of battery for your application. Chargers are designed for certain batteries and in many cases you can't not change styles without the chance of damaging the battery or the charger. Each type of batteries has it's own rate and voltage to charge too. That's right, not all batteries are the same voltage. We will help you get the right size and type of battery.


Emergency Lighting - When it comes to emergency lighting, nobody knows it better than us. We service and sell most all brands of emergency lighting. We can help you determine locations and sizes of the emergency lights to illuminate the required areas of your business or even your home. That's right, even your home could use emergency lighting. We have the expertise to repair inverter systems also. We offer a service agreement that allows you to forget about your emergency lighting and let us keep it in working order for you. Contact us for further information about our service agreements. As you can tell we don't like you to be caught in the dark.


Inverter Systems - These type of units take battery power and convert it to A/C power. Here are a couple examples were this type of system is used. They can keep your existing office lights or stairwell lights on during a power failure. These can even be used to power very large computer systems during power failures.


Fire Extinguishers - Fire extinguishers are another safety item that goes hand in hand with emergency lighting. We have the knowledge and expertise to repair your emergency lighting and we are happy to service your fire extinguishers at the same time. We think the convenience of having one company qualified to service your emergency lighting and fire extinguishers was due. Give us a call for information about our service plans. We will be happy to customize one to fit your exact needs.


Cellular and Cordless Phone Batteries/Accessories - We will help you find the right battery for your phone. We also offer a wide variety of accessories like car chargers, ear buds, holster, cases and more.


Rechargeable Batteries - Not all rechargeable batteries are the same. Ni-Cads, Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydrides are not all equal. Getting the right battery for your equipment is very important. Rechargeable batteries come in many shapes, sizes, and applications. We will help you to pick the right battery for your hand held games, power tools, phones, computers, or any other portable devices. The use of disposable batteries, also known as primary batteries, in a rechargeable application could cause damage your equipment or even cause harm to you. The use of the proper battery is important.


Primary Batteries - Also known as alkaline, carbon zinc, etc. These would be batteries used in watches, remotes, radios, flashlights, and many other hand help devices. Today's primary batteries are now mercury free. This type of battery is not recycled and they are safe to dispose of in your trash.


Dimmers - Digital dimming systems are becoming a fast growing industry. We have personnel that can help with designing a system to fit your dimming needs. We can help with the repairs on your analog and digital dimming systems. With the new digital dimming systems you can control the lights however you want. It is limited to your imagination.


Light Bulbs - Do you have trouble finding the right light bulbs? We can get you that right bulb for your application. We stock a wide variety of long life bulbs and hard to find bulbs too.